The 3PP interviewed our new assistant

Madison is our new assistant. The 3PP interviewed her :

madison2What’s your name ? madison1

Madison Smith.

How old are you Killa ?

I am 22 years old.

Where were you born ?

I was born in Boise, Idaho, USA.

Where do you live in the USA ?

I live in Boise, Idaho, USA.

Can you describe your family ?

I have one mom and one dad. I have one sister named AVA, who is 20 years old. I have two brothers, one is 16 years old names Nick. The other is named Brady, he is 5 years old.

Have you got pets ?

I have a baby husky named Bodie.madison3

What did you study ?

I studied Business and French at University.

Which job would you like to do ?

I want to open my own business someday. Maybe my own Record Label.

What are the schedules of an American teenagers in a highschool ?

A typical American High School student wakes up at 6am and starts school at 8am. They finish at 3pm and then do after school activities, for example, soccer, American football, guitar, singing, tennis, etc. Then go home and eat dinner and do homework.

Do pupils work a lot on computers in the USA ?

Yes, it is quite common. At my high school, it was required that everyone brought a laptop to school.

When do American pupils have vacation ?

We get 2 days off for Thanksgiving. We get 2 weeks off for Christmas, one week off for spring break. And 3 months off for summer.

In the USA, what is the minimum age to leave school ?

16 years old.

Which subjects are compulsory ?

All pupils have to study math, science, history, english, PE.

Optional ?madison4

Art, music, language, pottery, painting.

Which sports do you practice ?

I run track, play basketball, and soccer.

What is your favorite dish ?

I love pizza !

What is your favorite French dish ?

French cheese with jam on a baguette.

Any French favorite dessert ?

All desserts !!!

Have you ever travelled to Europe ?

I studied in Florence, Italy for 4 months in 2017.

What are your hobbies ?

I play guitar, write songs, listen to music. I like to read and paint, and hang out with my family.

Why do you like France ?

It is full of amazing history and it is very beautiful. It had delicious food.

Which places would you like to visit ?

Nice, Cannes, Paris, Colmar, Strasbourg, Nancy, Sarlat. I want to visit EVERYWHERE!