Interview de Mala Radikedike du CA Brive

malaLes 1eleb ont interviewé en anglais Mala Radikedike, joueur professionnel de l’équipe de rugby de Brive, jeudi 8 juin en cours d’anglais. Mala est venu avec sa femme Sai et ses deux plus jeunes fils. Extraits :

Where do you com from ?

I Come from Fidji Islands. There are only 60000 inhabitants it is a small country.

Is it difficult to adapt to another country ?

Yes especially when you leave young. There is a cultural shock because young rugby players from Fidji Islands are not used to so many temptations (alcohol, drugs, nightlife, …).

Have you been to other countries before arriving in Brive ?

Yes. I went to the USA, Great Britain, New Zealand …

Do you like Brive ?

Yes I love the architecture And most of all the food !

Do you Smoke ?


What is important to become à rugby professional player ?

Discipline. Discipline is more important than talent. I have always been disciplined both in my private And professional life. For example I am always on time at training … And at home !

What Did you study ?

I studied real estate.

What are your career projects?

I May change club next year. Later I would like to go back to Fidji Islands to train young players and prevent them from the cultural shock when they emigrate. I want to teach youngsters the value of discipline.

Thanks a lot for visiting us Mala. Thank you for your smile and kindness. We hope to see you again!


Les 1eleb avec Mala, M. Michel (proviseur adjoint) et Mme Le Cam (professeure d’anglais) :

1eleb interview Mala Radikedike